From Army Major to DJ Cornwall – the story of Allan Cross

DJ Cornwall Allan Cross

If you have already read our DJs in Cornwall series, you will be familiar with both Allan and Leon after we grilled them with our top questions about their work and life as two of Cornwall’s top DJs. However, we decided that the job of detailing Allan’s rise to one of the west country’s most popular DJs was underdone on account of the vast life experience this man has. So here, we attempt to detail Allan’s transition from army Major to DJ and find out in more detail why this man has such an all encompassing set of skills in the entertainment and event management space and such scrupulous attention to detail.

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The Cost of a Wedding DJ

Cost of Wedding DJ

In today’s blog we discuss where we are on the ‘Cost of Wedding DJ’ spectrum and why it matters. When you investigate the price of a service, it’s often hard to identify where a good price meets good quality. Similarly when it comes to the cost of a wedding DJ it’s all down to the individual price point of the business in question and the resources and experience they can offer.

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Wedding DJ Service Insights

Wedding DJ Services

There are a number of reasons I enjoy running a wedding DJ service and wedding photography service and below I will explain a little bit about why I, with my team, go above and beyond to keep the floor bouncing in deepest darkest Cornwall. The recipe is the three P’s: planning, planning and more planning. But then if things don’t go to plan it comes down to professionalism and integrity to save the day…

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My Eden Project Wedding

Eden Project Wedding - The roof of the Biomes at Eden Project with our premium lightshow

Today I’m going to muse on wedding venues in the context of my experience at an Eden Project wedding not so long ago. As you would expect my goal is to make sure the wedding party is having a fantastic night. But I’m going to write this piece from my perspective on what makes a great night for me personally. Well, why not. A DJ has got to have fun right? And I think that if he doesn’t – it’s going to show.

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Wedding Fairs in Cornwall

On February 17th I went to see my friend Jules Hayden at one of the biggest wedding fairs in Cornwall. Wadebridge precisely. I wanted Jules to show me around and help me find out more about why wedding fairs are so useful for couples. I was also hoping to get myself a slot. Maybe she could even give me a few pointers about the latest trends in 2019? Who knows, but I can honestly say I was not disappointed.

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Cornwall Professional DJs Association

Cornwall Professional DJs Association member Allan Cross

DJ Services Cornwall is in the very envious position of working in one of the most beautiful counties in the UK within the Cornwall Professional DJs Association. Many of our couples, make Cornwall their favoured destination to host their wedding and there is a huge amount of DJs offering their services as professional wedding DJs. Of course, there are DJs at all price points with varying experience, reliability and quality of service and equipment.

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