DJ Services

Wedding DJ

£775 to £2500

Transform your wedding into an unforgettable dance celebration

Party DJ

£475 to £900

Turn up the energy and set the perfect vibe for your party

Wedding Photography

£500 to £1000

Unlock the magic of your love story through the lens of our expert wedding photographer

Party Photography & Video

From £150

Elevate your event with our exceptional party and photography services

Selfie Wizard (Photo Booth)

£300 to £575

Add an extra layer of fun and memories with laughter, creativity and candid moments

Dancing on Clouds

From £225

Send your first dance to a dream-like realm as you glide and twirl on a magical mist

Custom Neon Signs

Priced on size

Illuminate your space with personalised style

Confetti Canon

£50 per canon

Shower bursts of vibrant colours as part of your celebration

Love Letters Shabby Chic & Modern Square Style

From £100

Add a touch of romance and elegance to your wedding

Venue Up-lighting

From £100

Transform your space into a breath-taking canvas of light & colour

Synchronised Laser Shows

From £150

Ignite the dance floor with a mesmerising spectacle of light

Premium Lighting & Audio


Every note resonates in crystal clarity and every corner is bathed in enchanting light

Club Festival Pack

From £400

Infuse the electrifying energy of a club festival into your wedding celebration

DJ Booth Selector

Priced within package

Choose out of our unique and stylish DJ booths to give your event instant

Snow Foam Party


Turn any event into a winter wonderland

Ultra Violet DJ Light


Elevate your party experience to the next level & create a mesmerising light for the dance floor

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