Club Festival Pack

Club Festival DJ Pack

Want to go all out for the ultimate Festival Club Vibe at your Wedding Party Celebration?

Get ready to ignite your club festival to its fullest potential with our extraordinary Lighting and Audio pack!

Designed to electrify the atmosphere and transport your audience to a state of euphoria, this comprehensive package is a game-changer for any party celebration. Our cutting-edge lighting fixtures will flood the dance floor with vibrant colours, dynamic patterns, and mesmerising effects, creating a visual symphony that syncs perfectly with the pulsating beats. Paired with our state-of-the-art QSC audio system, every thumping bassline, soaring melody, and euphoric drop will be delivered with impeccable clarity and power, ensuring an unforgettable sonic experience for every partygoer. It’s time to unleash the full potential of our DJ Services Cornwall club festival package and take the energy to a whole new level with our unparalleled combination of lighting and audio expertise.

Get ready for an unforgettable night of pure euphoria!

When watching the YouTube video please ensure 1080HD is selected to enhance your viewing experience.

Equipment and options available used

  • 1QSC Kw 153 with Kw 181 Subs
  • 2 x Ultra Violet Cannons
  • 16 x Venue Uplighters
  • 6 x ADJ RXOne Beamed Lights
  • 2 x 4000watt or 4 x 4000watt x Laser & synchronised computer show
  • 2 x Hazer Machines  2 x Ultra Violet (UV) Cannons 


Prices start from £400, and this package can be split down into smaller custom packages or enhanced to suit your specific requirements. 


Club Festival Pack

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