Wedding Videos

  • Shaun & Kelly Wedding Party Celebration Knightor Winery 2 Sept 2021

  • Shaun & Kelly Wedding Day Video Knightor Winery 2 Sept 2021

  • Josh & Kaleigh Wedding Celebration Gwel an More Party 30th Aug 2021

  • Daniel & Tracy Wedding Day Party Celebration Alverton 29th Aug 2021

  • Raze The Roof "Little Ravers" 26th Aug 2021

  • Tom & Abbie Wedding Celebration Party Trevenna Barns 21st Aug 2021

  • Aaron & Lily Wedding Party Celebration Orangery Mount 14th Aug 2021

  • Jordon & Chloe Wedding Party Celebration Biomes Eden Project 14th Aug

  • Tom & Laura Wedding Celebration Carylon Bay Golf Club 13 Aug

  • Tom & Hannah Wedding Party Celebration Polhawn Fort 10th Aug

  • James & Natasha Wedding Celebration Chycara Wedding Venue 7th Aug

  • Chris & Anna Wedding Day Celebration Alverton Hotel 6th Aug

  • Johnny & Lynn Surprise Wedding Anniversary 31st July

  • Clay & Shannon Carylon Bay 30th July

  • Stephen & Kayla St Ives Harbour Spa Hotel 25th July 2021

  • Mike & Lisa Wedding Day Alverton Manor 23rd July 2021

  • George & Megan Carbis Bay Hotel 21st July 2021

  • Sha & Polly Wedding Party Knightor Winery 17th July 2021

  • Luke & Franky Wed Party Falmouth Hotel March 2020

  • Elliot & Jess Wedding Party Tregenna Castle March 2020

  • Martin & Helen Wedding Party Knightor Feb 2020

  • Christine 80th Birthday Party Queens Hotel Feb 2020

  • Rob & Jules Wedding Party Polhawn Fort 4th Feb 2020

  • Matt & Annette's Wedding Party Jan 2020

  • Dom & Emily Wedding Party Hotel Victoria 30th Nov 2019

  • Dave & Abby Wedding Party Knightor Winery Nov 2019

  • Harry & Lisa Wedding Party Carylon Bay Golf Club Nov 2019

  • David & Kathryn Wedding Party Pentire Hotel Sept 2019

  • The Cobweb Inn 50th Anniversary Party Sept 2019

  • Ian & Calley Wedding Party Gwel an Mor Sat 21st Sept 2019

  • Darren & Lia 10th Wedding Anniversary Party 14th Sept 2019

  • Lee & Kate Wedding Day Milton Keynes 7th Sept 2019

  • Andy & Abby Wedding Party The Alverton 1st Sept 2019

  • Tom & Cali Mike & Rach Wedding Party Trevenna Aug 2019

  • Will & Beth Wedding Party Trenderway Farm 24th Aug 2019

  • Dom & Jess Wedding Party Carylon Bay 23rd Aug 2019

  • Dean & Beth Wedding Party Waterside Fri 16th Aug 2019

  • Ben & Emily Carylon Bay Wedding Party Mon 12th Aug 2019

  • Eythyn & Becca Woodland Valley Farm Sat 10th Aug 2019

  • Sue 70th Birthday Party St Austell Golf Club 03rd Aug 2019

  • Shaun & Jess Trevenna Barns Mon 5th Aug 2019

  • Mike & Lisa Wedding Party Heartlands 27th July 2019

  • Taron's 30th Birthday Party Cambourne RFC 26th July 2019

  • Arran & Jess Wedding Party Falmouth Hotel 19th July 2019

  • Jake & Michelle Wedding Party 06th July Carylon Bay

  • Ryan & Rachel Wedding Party 29th June Tregardock Farm

  • Fowey River Academy Proms 27th June Carylon Bay

  • Ian & Emma Wedding Party 21st June Headland Hotel

  • Glenn & Alanna Wedding Party 15th June Milton Barn

  • Alec & Paul Wedding Party 30th May 2019 Pentillie Castle

  • Steven & Ana Wedding Party 25th May 2019 Carbis Bay

  • Sarah & Charity Wedding Party 18th May 2019 Caerhays

  • Jeremy & Mandy 1st Wedding Anniversary Party 11th May 2019

  • Graham & Nicky Wedding Party 4th May 2019 Sparkwell

  • Selfie wizard in action with Party DJ Cornwall

    Selfie Wizard Demo May

  • Alex & Nic Wedding Party 18th Apr St Mellion

  • Selfie Wizard in action at The Art Of Weddings Wed Show 17 Feb 2019 with Party DJ Cornwall.

    Selfie Wizard Promo. Only one in Cornwall Exciting Times

  • The Happy Bride & Groom kissing on the dance floor while dancing their first dance with Wedding DJ Cornwall

    Josh & Amy Wedding 26th Jan St Dennis

  • Selfie wizard in action with Party DJ Cornwall

    Selfie Wizard Introduction Jan 2019

  • Lets get the Wedding DJ Party started

    Josh & Dayle Wedding Party Fowey Hotel 15th Dec 2018

  • Banging the tunes out for Keirons 30th Birthday party by Party DJ Cornwall

    Keiron 30th Birthday Party Sat 27th Oct 2018

  • Hen Party with Party DJ in Cornwall having a great party

    DJ Services Cornwall Weekend Rig Peek Sat 27th Oct 2018

  • DJ in Cornwall class party 2018 act

    DJ Services Cornwall Pavilion Centre Xmas Party 7th Dec 2018

  • It was a real banging night and we Wedding DJ Cornwall loved every minute of it.

    DJ Services Cornwall Dan & Rosie Wedding Party 21st Nov 2018

  • Bridal Party getting ready for the big wedding party with wedding dj Cornwall.

    DJ Services Cornwall Phil & Sally Wedding Party Sat 3rd Nov 2018

  • Greg & Gemma Wedding Day Sun 4th Nov 2018 Bodmin Jail with Wedding DJ Cornwall proving both photography and audio and lighting.

    Greg & Gemma Sun 4th Nov 2018 Bodmin Jail

  • Wedding DJ Cornwall Premium Lighting ready to get the party started at Phil & Sally Wedding

    DJ Services Cornwall Weekend Rig Peek 2nd 3rd Nov 2018

  • Getting into the party spirit with Mobile DJ Cornwall

    Ben & Zoe Wedding Party Perranporth Fri 26th Oct 2018

  • Dance the Night Away with Party DJ Cornwall.

    Lee & Venessa Wedding Party 5th Oct 2018

  • Wedding Couple 1st Dance with Mobile DJ Cornwall

    Christian & Sharon Wedding Party 12th Oct 2018

  • Bride & Groom First Dance

    Jonathon & Katie Wedding Party 11th Oct 2018

  • A very happy wedding couple at their wedding party, just finished their 1st dance and ready to party the night away in Cornwall

    Tom & Amy Wedding Party 29th Sept 2018

  • Banging Party with Mobile DJ Cornwall.

    Chris Cara Wedding Party 31 Aug 2018

  • Off beach party august 2018 with party DJ Cornwall

    The Off Beat Carylon Bay Summer Beach Party Aug 2018

  • Creating the wedding atmosphere with lighting with Dj in Cornwall setup.

    Tom & Rebecca Wedding Party Biomes Eden Aug 2018

  • Guests enjoying a banging party with Party DJ Cornwall

    Gary & Zoe Carylon Bay Aug 2018

  • DJ Services Cornwall Premium Party in Cornwall Lighting and Audio equipment.

    DJ Services Cornwall Premium Audio & Lighting Promo

  • You cant hold Sam our bride back on here party night with Party DJ Cornwall smashing the dance floor with our favourite tunes.

    Matt & Sam Carlyon Bay Golf Club 21st Aug 2018