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Fully-equipped, State-of-The-Art, Award-winning DJ Booths!

At DJ Services Cornwall (DJSC), we pride ourselves in the pioneering technology and equipment we utilise for commemorating your celebrations! We have fully embraced innovation, technology, and the industry standards at the heart of our Award-winning DJ Booth that offers the WOW factor you are looking for.

Unparalleled Technology Suitable for All Venues!

The Pioneer XDJ-RX2  controller working through Pioneers own Rekordbox DJ software and is linked through our RCF EVOX J8 1400 watt system or our premium 2 x 2000 watt QSC K10.2 speakers Audio Rig, to perfectly complement your venue no matter the size and crowd! Alongside, the 2 x QSC KW181 2000 watt Subwoofer is perfect if you want extra bass to shake the dance floor!

So, with 8000 watts peak at our disposal, we don’t shy away from rocking your outdoor or marquee venues!

A saying goes, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. And DJ Services Cornwall is always totally prepared beforehand to tackle all complexities! We equip several backup systems at our disposal to ensure that your wedding and other party celebrations go without any hiccups.

All our equipment older than 12 months is Portable Appliance Tested (PAT). Alongside, we have Public Liability Insurance (PLI) and Risk Assessments to ensure topmost safety during the party!

Bringing The Visual Appeal!

No performance would be the same without the visual experience. So we at DJ Services Cornwall take great pride and go the extra mile to create a professional, sophisticated light show that compliments the occasion and the venue!

We have a series of stand-alone, battery-operated  Par lights and Ultra Bar lights, used as up lighters, DMX’d and controlled from our DJ Booth. Our venue uplighting will literally transform your space, creating the most beautiful ambient atmosphere that will keep the party buzzing. In addition, we can create a mix of colours, from soft subtle shades to bright pops of colour, creating the most beautiful backdrop for the rest of your wedding to take place! LOVE Letter Lights are also available as part of a wedding bolt-on package.

So, to achieve our unique look to wow you and your guests, irrespective of the size of the venue, we have the following equipment in our arsenal and at our disposal;

Audio rigs (pending the size of the venue)

Standard Rig = 4 x Complete RCF Evox J8 (White) Column array speaker system 1400 watts peak which contains 2 x 12-inch subs.

Premium Rig = 2 x QSC K10-2  speaker system 8000 watts peak, which contains 2 x 18-inch QSC KW 181 subs.

Plus additional 2 x QSC K10 speakers


Back Up Controller Pioneer 2 x DDJ 400

Main Controller Pioneer 2 x XDJ RX 2 x(containing its own backup system)

Pioneer XDJ RX3


Moving Heads

12 x Chauvet 255 irc in white 60 watt

6 x ADJ Vizi Beam RX Ones 100 watt

4 x Helix Moonflowers

2 x Shards

2 x UV Cannons (Ultraviolet)

Uplighting (Mood lighting all controlled from the booth)

36 x Wireless Battery operated up lighters in white

5 x ADJ Ultra Bars

2 x ADJ Sweeping Beams

6 x FX Wash Lights


2 x 1000 watt RGB Laserworld Lasers

1 x 2000 watt RGB Laserworld Laser


Canon 5d mkiii

Canon R6


Pioneer Rekordbox for Controllers

Avolites Titan One DMX

Pangolin Quickshow laser software

DJ Booths

Unique VW Booth (White)

Unique Rustic VW Booth (Red)

Shabby Chic MK1 Booth

Shabby Chic mk2 Booth

White Truss Booth

Traditional Starcloth Booth (White or Black)

Additional Ancillaries 

FX Lab Snow Storm Maxi (Snowmachine 1200watts)

6 x White speaker outside PA System

Confetti cannons (Various Colours)

Innumerable Music Options!

With over 120k of tracks of all genres and decades, we certainly have the music to deliver you a fantastic celebration party. Our experts can professionally mix and produce music that will undoubtedly uplift the vibe of your celebrations!

7 National Award-Winning DJ Booths in Cornwall!

Who wants to have an old, timeworn set up when you can have the most contemporary theme of your choosing! At DJ Services Cornwall, we offer 7 x different National award-winning DJ Booths, offering you a unique, bespoke centerpiece that will complement your them and venue perfectly!

You can choose among the following of our top-notch DJ booths;

1. White VW DJ Booth
2. Rustic VW DJ Booth (Ground Floor Venues only)
3. Shabby Chic DJ Booth (All White)
4. Traditional all White DJ Booth (Starlight)
5. Truss all White DJ Booth
6. Shabby Chic Mk2 with Neon Heart DJ Booth 7. Pulpit all White DJ Booth

We also offer you additional services like Photography, Love Letters for weddings & anniversaries, Mixcloud streaming, venue Uplighting and Animated Laser shows.

We discuss everything with the clients beforehand to ensure they really do have a bespoke setup that is befitting of their event and location!

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