First Dance on the Cloud

Experience the magic of your first dance as you float on air with our enchanting “Dancing on Cloud” promotion!

Imagine stepping onto the dance floor, surrounded by a dreamy mist that gently swirls around your feet, creating an ethereal atmosphere. As the music starts, you and your partner glide across the floor, seemingly walking on clouds.

This stunning effect is achieved through specialised equipment that generates a low-lying cloud-like effect, giving the illusion of dancing on a fluffy, heavenly surface.

Breath-taking moments

As part of our DJSC bolt-on packages

Dance on the clouds

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Bride and groom dancing on the clouds

Your guests will be mesmerised as they witness your romantic and elegant movements elevated by the enchanting ambience.

With our “Dancing on Cloud” promotion, make your first dance a breath-taking moment that will leave everyone in awe.

Note The venue requires to be airtight, e.g. no open doors; otherwise, you risk the cloud lifting and reducing the desired effect of low-level cloud.

When watching the YouTube video please ensure 1080HD is selected to enhance your viewing experience.


Dance on the clouds

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