Premium Wedding DJ Service

These days Wedding couples don’t necessarily want the same old traditional Wedding DJ set up.

Increasingly couples are looking for more variety, flexibility and choice in what Wedding DJs deliver at their wedding party.

They want choice, variety and uniqueness which delivers that Wow factor for their friends and family and why not we live in a society that thrives on choices. We were quick to acknowledge this and one of the reasons why we started DJ Services Cornwall and without fear of sounding impertinent, why we incorporated Services within our business name as we are so much more than your standard DJ business.

We pride ourselves on customer service and choice giving you the opportunity to get involved as much as you wish and give you that genuinely bespoke premium personal wedding experience.

There there is that word again Premium so let me elaborate further and why we indeed deliver that premium Wedding DJ Service which stands out from the rest.

DJ Booths
The heart of any DJ set is his booth, and we certainly stand out with our very classy unique white VW DJ Booth. (Ed wanted to spray it Kawasaki green if the truth be known as I have a bit of a liking for green seemingly)

However, many people may be surprised to know we also supply a more traditional white Starlight booth with twinkling lights for maybe the more reserved couple.

Music Choice
Yes, I would like to think couples always had a say in what music they wish to hear on one of the most important parties of their life! Then again I know of DJ’s who say leave it to me as I have years worth of experience. Yes, it is true we know through experience the more popular tracks to deliver a cracking party. However, weddings are so much more personal and its so meaningful to know of those special tracks that mean so much to the couple or family as they congregate to celebrate this truly memorable occasion. Plus equally, essential to know the tracks you don’t which to hear! However, we do have at our disposal 70k assorted tracks covering and decades and genres played through an industry standard Pioneer XDJ RX2 controller, with a built in back up system.

So we at DJ Services Cornwall work with our couples to deliver a bespoke music choice.

Supplied Audio & Lighting
We have many options, some of our venues in Cornwall are small and catering for those intermit weddings, we supply a white RCF array system which very much fits in with the white themed look which is part of our standard package and then to compliment this we also have up to 6 x white moving heads. So this very much gives you the traditional classy white theme with a unique modern twist.

Our second audio and lighting system is part of our upgraded premium package which of a QSC K Series System with 8000-watt (peak) at our disposal, which we use in marquees, barns, larger venues and outside events. The idea is not necessarily blowing people off their seats, but more to deliver a fuller audio experience, remember listening to a track on your first smartphone where it sounded very tinny, the same experience happens in a larger venue, and you have an audio system which is not powerful enough. There are less than a handful of DJs in Cornwall that can replicate such premium sounding audio in this type of environment. When it comes to lighting in such a venue, we use our 6 x ADJ RX One Vizi Beam which is a beast of light and indeed produces that WOW premium looks in spades.

Venue Uplighting
When it comes to the WOW look, now your talking! Let me explain, our supplied uplighting is firstly battery powered, doesn’t sound like a big deal but it is, we have the flexibility to place these lights anywhere within 10 minutes of arriving on site. These lights are part of our wifi controlled lighting, so the colours or lighting show can be changed at any stage by myself at the DJ booth and can also be incorporated or independently to the main lighting show. So if we have a colour theme, we can replicate it giving that truly sophisticated premium look which compliments the venue and the occasion. So many venues and marquee companies offer uplighting, usually set with a pre-established colour and that’s it. We are in an entirely different league with our venue uplighting.

We at DJ Services Cornwall own 2 x 1000 and 1 x 2000 watt Laserworld lasers, and when we get the opportunity, we love to show them off,o especially if we can use haze in the venue as its a must ingredient to any laser show. Due to these lasers power rating, we must have a high ceiled venue for safety factors. Again this is all computer generated giving us the flexibility to have your name in lights, shapes, patterns, gobos which all bring another complimentary dimension to your unique bespoke wedding party light show, and we can even colour coordinated it to match the main light show, it has excellent flexibility and many applications.

Customised Lighting Choices
All our lighting is controlled through a computer so we have full customisation of shapes patterns and colours so we can indeed deliver that bespoke lighting package giving you that customisation of our bespoke lighting package

Confetti Canons
Nothing more striking to compliment t your first dance than a confetti canon, again we like to give a choice, so we supply, white, white and silver plus neon confetti where we have to compliment those with UV lights to provide you with that neon look. There are many venues forbid the use of confetti canons firstly the mess generated. Secondly, there are many stories of confetti canons putting holes in ceilings, knocking down chandeliers, confetti being sucked up in air conditioning units.

Photography & Video
Looking at the traditional wedding photographers spend a very long day with the couple, and usually, leave after the first dance when the day’s formalities are finished.
So we at DJ Services Cornwall decided to offer party wedding photography included as part of our Silver & Gold Wedding Packages, not to embarrass anyone however, with the sole aim to capture the atmosphere of friends and family coming together to celebrate the party on the couples special day. So we provide party photography and also a short fun party video and as we live in a very instant world, so we aim to provide this within 24 to 48hrs so it can be shared to those who were unable to attend. As we appreciate it can take weeks before your wedding photographs are available. Plus it also supplies our potential future clients with the material of what they can expect from us. We increasingly witness our competitors using stock photos off the internet of parties shots and DJ setups, and in reality, they produce or look nothing further from the truth.

Due to demand, we have even started providing affordable wedding photography in addition to our DJ Wedding Package, and this option is only available to couples who get married and hold their reception and evening party in the same venue as you can imagine this takes multi-tasking to an entirely new level. So in order to pitch this correctly, if wedding photography is at the top of your wedding priority list, then I would always recommend seeking out a full time professional.

Mirror Balls
Back in the Disco 70s era they were all the rage and now have seen a resurgence, look at the TV they are all over the live reality show entertainment shows, so is it just me that notices them, (Mirrorball spotter). So by request, we supply a 50cm mirror ball which looks stunning undoubtedly effective at the beginning of the night creating that ambience for and including that all-important First dance. After which we can incorporate it within the main light show as we have full control of the colours generated

Any equipment that gives you this type of functionality, flexibility, performance and customisation comes at a price and while yes skill and experience plays a significant factor you still need the hardware. So it is impossible for many Wedding DJs to be able to offer this level of service, and for that reason, many other DJs don’t own such equipment.

Customer Personal Service
We pride ourselves on our professionalism and passion and thoroughly enjoy what we do and bring to the party excuse the pun!

We are a self-employed family business who doesn’t take multi bookings only to be farmed out to an unknown DJ. It is vital in creating that rapport, and where possible we like to meet our couples as it can be a long involved journey from enquiry to the big day and you need to have total confidence in the quality and service expected. We are also easily contactable as we very much work a 24/7 with the only delay if we are out playing on our decks. Couples like the single point of contact were you can firstly supply a good number of services, as its often more affordable, only one person to contact, meet etc which equates to less stress.

So, in summary, you have the opportunity to customise your own wedding audio and lighting package with additional bolt-on services and our uniqueness we provide to make your wedding day party unbelievable, and if in any doubt feel free to read our reviews and a link can be found at the bottom of our front page. Plus we have been voted best 3 rated DJs in Cornwall 2019.

However, people do lead busy lives, and of course, we are more than happy to use our experience with minimum input from yourself to deliver you that genuinely memorable.

Hopefully, that has given you a good insight on how we operate and why we indeed delivery a Premium Wedding DJ Service.