Biomes Eden Project





Creating the wedding atmosphere with lighting with Dj in Cornwall setup.

The wedding of Tom & Rebecca

The Biomes is a Mediterranean Garden situated at the Eden Project. It is a truly stunning venue to get married in, The weddings usually start late afternoon when all the daily visitor have gone home and then closed to the general public. The wedding ceremony, breakfast and party are all contained within the biomes. It’s is a really vast area to accommodate as far as a DJ is concerned and you certainly need quality powerful audio and lighting to make the most of this exspance of an area. Our lighting hits the inside of the dome and reflects is so stunning as it looks like stars inside of the dome, it is really a very special place and has to be at the top of venues for me. They also have accommodation on site which is convenient and they also supply a shuttle service for guest to get down into the venue.

Venue name:Biomes Eden Project
Visit venue:Biomes Eden Project
Address:Eden Project Bodelva St Austell Cornwall PL24 2SG

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