What Does The Selfie Wizard Offer Your Party?

Selfie Wizard is the ultimate party photo media solution where everyone gets involved with the fun and best of all no queuing required!

Are you aware of what a Selfie Wizard has to offer and why it is so different from the traditional photo booth or magic mirror? Like with any new technology its not always apparent what it is and what it does differently and why it would compliment your party celebration. 

Those who are familiar with our Premium DJ Services with its unique and stunning VW DJ Booth know only too well that we like offering something different. 

1. The Selfie Wizard can be used by 100% of those attending the celebration by utilising your own phone (mobile device) so everyone contributes and gets involved in the party media which in turn becomes a great party memento.

2. The Selfie Wizard not only accepts Selfie photos but you can also add personal messages and emojis to the photos from any phone or mobile device.

3. All the photos and messages etc are displayed on a giant tv screen which in our case have made ours look like a giant iPhone.

4. All the photos and messages etc are automatically stored onto a USB so yet again another memento of a cracking night.

5. The Selfie Wizard can be accessed 35m from our Giant iPhone Screen, so meaning no queuing waiting for your turn in a booth or in front of a magic mirror.

6. In addition to taking a selfie photo, the Selfie Wizard will accept any photos which are currently stored on your phone or mobile device. (We are also able to vet those photos before displayed)

So for example at a wedding what has everyone been doing all day? That’s right taking photos of the wedding day! So imagine being able to play those through the Selfie Wizard to you evening guests as they witness the whole wedding day unfold in front of their eyes. 

Or a Birthday or Wedding Anniversary celebration showing photos of the past unfold in front of your guests. 

7. Nearly forgot we also have the facility to print out all the photos, messages with a personal bespoke template. 

8. We also supply Embrace the Selfie cards which suggest certain poses; Worse dance in action, A selfie with the DJ, Stirring a drink, Toasting Glasses, and another 60 other poses available. 

9. We can also supply set up a backdrop with photo props and now we have a photo booth. We could even set up a guest book with a set of prints. (Please discuss this separately).

10. The Selfie Wizard is very unique in its operation and what it has to offer your party and currently its the only one in Cornwall so everyone likes to add something different to their party celebration.

So you see it is very different from your traditional photo booth or magic mirror being so versatile, we love it and so do our clients and their guests. As we achieve media fun involvement by 100% of the guests 100% of the time.

We supply the Selfie Wizard in;
Digital Only which includes the giant screen and everything saves to USB with no printing option.
Digital with printing (All of the above with printing)

Currently, the Selfie Wizard is discounted as its mainly sold as a bolt-on to our existing DJ Services due to our limited availability. However, please check our availability if you wish to hire separately and pricing.
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