Sunkissed Wedding Cupcakes are ready to go!

When a wedding cupcake company lets you down before your sons wedding you have to pull something out the bag. Suddenly you get an idea so good you can taste it. That’s the story behind my wife Linda’s new business Sunkissed Cupcakes who provide cupcakes for all manner of events and weddings.

Linda has always enjoyed home baking and is familiar with her wares disappearing – rapidly. For that I am partly to blame. I defy anyone to pass by a tray of freshly baked cupcakes left unguarded in the kitchen, all covered in icing and other toppings without stopping and giving in. The appeal is so great that for some time Linda has been requested and indeed fulfilled requests to run large batches of her home baked treats. But now it is official.

The love of baking

Linda’s idea to create Sunkissed Wedding Cupcakes evolved during our numerous visits together to wedding fairs around Cornwall. In her words:

I have always loved baking. The buzz of the wedding environment and the anticipation of providing delicious cupcakes for the wedding party was all very exciting. Then it was a case of turning the idea in to a business, partly spurred on by necessity prior to my sons wedding.

Linda Slater

Whilst I’ve always concentrating on the entertainment and DJ side of wedding fairs Linda was inspired from the various exhibitions to realise she could turn her passion in to her own home bakery business. The point at which it became official was when she was forced to make 110 pink, grey and cream cupcakes of various designs. The cupcakes were taken to the Carlyon Bay Hotel and displayed in a tower and received rapturous compliments.

Sometimes you need a bit of a shove or to be thrown in at the deep end!

I have a willing family, including two young grandchildren, who are more than happy to sample my cupcakes when trying out new flavours.

Linda Slater

DJ and Cupcakes

So now I find myself in an enviable position whereby I can offer a supply of gorgeous cupcakes with my DJ packages. Haha. So here’s some official information from Sunkissed Cupcakes about what is on offer. I must warn you they are very moreish!

Sunkissed Cupcakes with a buttercream topping

Quantity  50       £70.00
Quantity  100     £130.00
(Smaller quantities can be arranged.)

Mini Cupcakes (ideal as Wedding Favours)

Quantity  50      £35.00
Quantity  100    £65.00

Delivery and / or collection

These prices are for collection only. Local delivery is available (within 5 miles) for a small charge of £5. Delivery to your wedding or party venue is also possible if required. Delivery can be arranged for longer distances at an extra charge – please drop me a line for a quote.

Available flavours are – vanilla, chocolate, banana, salted caramel, peanut butter, oreo, coffee, lemon, orange, mint, coconut, strawberry & raspberry.

And if you have any specific dietary requirements or allergies please ask.

Right, I’m off to DJ at another Wedding party so will leave it there for now but get your cup cakes at Sunkissed Cupcakes!

For more details, general enquiries etc contact Linda #affordableindulgence