Are All DJs the Same?

It is ALWAYS an honour when clients choose to book DJ Services Cornwall for their wedding day.

One of my main objectives is to ensure that our set up complements both their wedding day AND their chosen venue.

It is so important to have something that is visually stunning. Everyone expects the music choice to be fantastic and played through a quality audio rig but for many DJs, the look of the set up is low on the priority list.

I am the first to admire other DJ’s work and efforts. There are certainly some professional-looking rig set ups here in Devon & Cornwall. Most of them are friends and colleagues of mine – we all put the same effort into our set ups!

But not all DJs are the same.

There is no doubt that continuing investment is essential to keep ahead of the game; to offer great quality and something original. I do hear of DJs who readily admit they are still using the same equipment they had 15 years ago. It is fair to say that not everyone would have confidence in the reliability of a 15-year-old car to get them to work on time every day!

If a DJ’s set up looks good in the daytime, with nowhere to hide and every aspect on show, then usually it will look stunning at night. Attention to detail is so important. DJs who are proud of their rigs will always take oodles of pictures, which really helps the client to work out the good, bad and the ugly. I so love it when couples come up and compliment our booth; “At least it’s not one of those wrinkly white cloths with flashing lights…!”

So no. We are not all the same.

Often, DJ Services Cornwall is compared with cheaper DJs. I have no complaint with those who offer a less expensive service.

Clearly, there is a requirement within the marketplace and it is certainly not for me to say what is right or wrong. Each client has their own priorities on their wedding day and of course, funding is not unlimited. It is an expensive time; however, like all things in life, quality, reliability and attentiveness comes at a price and you do get what you pay for.

During 2017, we received calls on five separate Friday evenings to enquire as to whether we were available the following day. These poor people had been let down at the last minute by their so-called Professional Wedding DJs. On finding out more, these ‘Professionals’ had offered a bargain-of-a-lifetime wedding for £200!

“If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!” The likelihood in many of these cases is that the DJ had been offered a higher-paying gig, so they left their client high and dry on their wedding day before heading back to their day job on Monday morning with little or no consequence.

So no. Not all DJs are the same!