Cornwall Professional DJs Association

DJ Services Cornwall is in the very envious position of working in one of the most beautiful counties in the UK within the Cornwall Professional DJs Association. Many of our couples, make Cornwall their favoured destination to host their wedding and there is a huge amount of DJs offering their services as professional wedding DJs. Of course, there are DJs at all price points with varying experience, reliability and quality of service and equipment.

As a result of this you can find a wedding DJ from £150 to £1000 and of course on paper it may well seem they all offer the same level of service, nothing can be further from the truth. Even though competition is healthy, it keeps you focussed and on your toes striving to offer an enhanced professional experience to your competitors. However, it is also extremely important to have some kind of collaboration amongst other fellow local DJs.

Cornwall’s Professional DJs Working Together

In this business there may come a time where you have some kind of equipment failure or even that you require some kind of specialist equipment for an event. Or in the event of ill health it is good to know you have a physical back up system in place who you can trust.

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail!

So I am very lucky and pleased to be a part of Cornwall’s Pro DJ Association which is a Cornish group of Full-Time Professional DJs with well over 100 years of combined experience who specialise in Weddings, Birthdays, Children Parties, Events and more. You are invited to be a part of this association, so membership is not a given right due to you operating in Cornwall.

None of our members will take a wedding booking, only then to find an alternative cheap DJ to fulfil our obligation, it’s all too personal for us and we have the passion and drive to give the best experience possible to our clients. However, that does mean that we regularly also receive enquiries that we cannot fulfil due to previously booked engagements. (We are already in a position to have a good number of bookings for 2020.)

This can be extremely disappointing for the couple as they have worked hard to find their desired Wedding DJ – not always an easy task taking into all variables and options available. Fortunately, as part of the Cornish Professional DJs Association we are in the position to be able to recommend an alternative professional wedding DJ whose standard we can vouch for.

We take the assumption the couple are looking for the same quality, professional service which DJ Services Cornwall regularly offers week in week out, so that does make our choice easier for us. Plus dare I say if we recommend someone, the pressure is on and doesn’t look good on us and our own integrity is on the line.

Alternative Cornwall DJs

Depending on their availability and fellow professional full-time wedding DJs would be:

Andy Tugby at Soundone
Phone: 07751 814284

John Green Dynamic Entertainments
Phone: 07970 519161

Yes, there are many DJs to choose from, however, these are the guys I would be thrilled if they were available for my own wedding!