Audio Quality

There are so many factors when analysing audio quality at a party, some acoustically factors come into play with the shape and type of the venue you are performing in.

However, we will consider the immediate factors which are controlled by the DJ.

Music has never been as readily available as it is today, so there content out there on the web, so some people download music from YouTube and similar websites and expect it to sound great. Most of this music uploaded onto the net with a low bit rate of 128 kbps, which is acceptable on your iPhone or iPod but when you play it on a large a system is sounds terrible, good audio systems sound great, but there also magnify any imperfections.

We at DJ Services Cornwall obtain all our music legally and mainly from various DJ Pools whereby we pay a monthly subscription to purchase high quality 320 kbps or even wav or flac files.

It is true not all systems are capable of playing in all venues, for ease and portability, many DJs have small systems which are ideal in small venues.

However, when you use these type of low powered systems in a larger venue, barn, marquee or even outside than these systems will be lacking quality audio to fulfil these sorts of expanse. There are many factors to take into consideration, lots of people absorb sound, as does marquees as they cant bounce of solid walls and of course open spaces speak for themselves.

Now we are not necessarily talking about blasting those people in the front row off their chairs. It is more about listening to audio how it was produced and the way it is expected to sound like. If you remember back in the good old days when listening to your favourite track through your phone with no headphones when it sounded very tinny?

This is how it will sound when you employ a DJ who doesn’t have a powerful enough rig when playing in a big venue. Now love it or hate it Bass is a frequency that is used in all genres and yes some have it more prevalent than others. As its such, an essential aspect of the audio sound. Most Manufacturers now supply audio setups with separate bass bins, (Subwoofers) and these systems give you a much fuller sound and replicate the sound that the producer always intended for the track to sound like when listened.

We at DJ Services Cornwall originated from an Events background where we played to large festival audiences, and for that reason, have always had a large QSC Audio system with subwoofers which we use for theose big venues, marquees and open spaces (8k peak). However, we are also aware that many of our venues are much smaller and space is always a premium.

So for that reason, we also have a 2nd system which is White RCF EVOX J 8Array system, which looks absolutely awesome complimented alongside our White VW DJ Booth and or Chauvet white moving heads. A very modern and quirky take on the traditional white wedding DJ setup.

This system has separate bass bins for that fuller sound, while the tops (Tweeters) are displaced to the audience at 120 degrees, meaning that you get a more even sound across the whole room.

Not that I expect everyone to become some kind of sound engineer expert, but these are the sorts of things you should be asking when you first enquire for a DJ, we witness so many DJs who have such Low Powered audio equipment which sounds shocking even in small venues. Dare I say there is a common denominator, as many of these DJs are in the cheaper range because dare I say it, a good quality audio system is not cheap starting from 2k upwards, it’s not that you require the greatest and latest, but you certainly need the right equipment for the job.

Think of a 40-ton truck powered by a 1300cc engine! However, I pleased to say we do have the right audio equipment for whatever is thrown at us, as our audio quality is at the top of our priorities.

There are less than a handful of DJs in Cornwall who have such quality equipment at their disposal and happy to give recommendations. Happy Listening!