A Band or DJ or Both

Should I book a band or a Wedding DJ

One of the most important parts of your wedding day is the party where we all come to celebrate the big day.

Now the big question should we have a live band or a Wedding DJ or possibly both will soon be on the radar.

Now I have played alongside some really great bands and between us, we have delivered an epic night’s worth of entertainment complimenting one another. However, this is not feasible for so many, so the decision to choose either a band comes home to roost.

At the end of the day, its what you want that matters so there is no right or wrong. However, some of the factors worth considering before you make a final decision which are as follows;

Live Music
Must admit nothing like a quality live performance to get you in the swing for a great night ahead!

Wedding Bands usually cost more than a Wedding DJ.
Many of the bands do not come with a quality light show if any light show.
They may be willing to learn your first dance. However, do not have the flexibility to play all your chosen tracks or take requests on the night.
Now there is a possibility of 3 to 6 people travelling to your venue from separate locations, will they all arrive in good time.
A Band will take up more space at the venue.
Bands will require to take breaks throughout the evening.
The tracks played won’t sound or be as good as the original recording.

DJ’s in the case of DJ Services Cornwall
DJs are more affordable than booking a live wedding band.
DJs can offer a vast variety of music.
You can provide a list of favourite tracks to be played.
DJ’s require a much smaller working area.
DJ’s come with a light show which adds to the performance which adds the ambience of the evening.
DJs can make announcements, which means you also get an emcee to help with the flow of the evening.
Volume can easily be adjusted accordingly.
DJ’s often come with a host of possible extras, Love Letters, Confetti Canons, Mood lighting, Mics for speeches.
Set up flexibility, separate systems if required.
Djs have higher reproduction quality of recorded music.

If the DJ is not confident or experienced then it will have an effect on the evening, the same could be said for a band of course.
A band can play if something unforeseen happens to the DJ.

Whichever you choose, you must do your home work!