My Eden Project Wedding

Today I’m going to muse on wedding venues in the context of my experience at an Eden Project wedding not so long ago. As you would expect my goal is to make sure the wedding party is having a fantastic night. But I’m going to write this piece from my perspective on what makes a great night for me personally. Well, why not. A DJ has got to have fun right? And I think that if he doesn’t – it’s going to show.

As a DJ operating throughout Cornwall there’s nothing I like more than seeing the wedding party smiling and getting lost in the music. If I see that, the night is a win. But even before the party begins the night starts for me as I rock up with my audio and lighting equipment. Audio testing, music testing – check. Selfie Wizard set up and co-ordination of tasks take time and concentration. All of this means that I need to get to the venue early and in the case of the Eden Project the excitement starts building straight away. It’s just one of those venues that carries atmosphere. You can feel the excitement bubbling away in the background.

Eden Project Biomes Wedding
My DJ rig ready for action at a recent Eden Project Biomes Wedding

Mountaineers have favourite peaks, windsurfers have favourite beaches, DJs have favourite venues. For me The Eden Project is the one. It’s absolutely the most amazing wedding venue in Cornwall.

There are Two Eden Project Venues

Many people don’t know this but the Eden Project actually has two venues: The Gallery and The Mediterranean Biomes. Both have atmosphere in spades (and biosphere as it turns out). And both are a great venue choice for a wedding party.

The Gallery

The Gallery which is located by the main entrance into Eden is a purpose built room with bar facilities and a gallery which overlooks the mediterranean Biomes. The Gallery can be exclusively hired all day and evening until 12:30am. That should give us plenty of time to get to know one another!

As far as an opportunity to pump up my sound and light system goes this wedding venue definitely does the job. To give you an idea, it can easily accommodate 150-250 guests and has a stage. These elements of the Gallery allow me to transport myself to my musical Ben Nevis and use my state of the art equipment to its full potential.

Last time I played at the gallery, we supplied our premium lighting and audio package which certainly added to the extra sophistication and wow factor to the occasion. It was a stand out night and lots of fun playing the wedding couples 60s, 70s, 80s and disco genre music. As a result I was delighted to receive many compliments from the guests and staff.

In fact on this occasion the music accompanied the wedding breakfast and the evening party and it was a great celebration of the couples wedding day. A stand out favourite for me too.

Mediterranean Biomes

Mediterranean Biomes ‘the other’ onsite Eden Project wedding venue has even more wow factor. This is located in the bowl-like Eden complex, overlooked by the Gallery and main entrance into Eden. The place is so big there is even a shuttle service available to transport people to the biomes open for wedding guest between 5pm and 1230am.

The Biomes complex hosts ceremonies, with the wedding breakfasts 70m away. This set up allows the Biomes to be transformed later in to a bar and evening party venue.

The uniqueness of the indoor rain forest with any uplighting gives you the illusion of stars in the night sky – a truly amazing sight.

Again, this venue is a dream for a DJ with a top of the range audio and lighting setup so I get to make the most of the quality acoustics and unique atmosphere. Just take a look at the photos and movies in this blog. You’ll be able to see the animated laser show which delivered the WOW factor in spades. At the couples request it was a night of R&B, Hip hop and DnB. And the party was pumping.

It doesn’t take much at all for me to have a great night, but atmosphere and acoustics are much easier to build in a venue such as this.

Other Cornwall Wedding Venues

So there we have my little overview of my current favourite Wedding party venue in Cornwall. I simply can’t wait for my next one. Each wedding venue I’ve played at has it’s own nuances and appeal. For a full list check out the wedding venues section of this website and it might just give you a taste of what you can expect at your wedding in Cornwall.

I’d like it to be known that I am in no way affiliated with the Eden Project I’m just sharing my experience as a DJ with extensive coverage of Cornwall and Devon. If you’d like to find out more please follow the wedding packages link or contact me using the form at the bottom of the page.