Have You Hired A Wedding DJ Before?

Probably not, why should you have? After all its not every day you are planning your wedding and attempting to find the right Wedding DJ who will deliver you a fantastic party celebration to round off a fantastic Wedding Day!

Now just to set the scene and lay my cards on the table, we are not writing this because we feel begrudged or through desperation or we are in need of more wedding bookings, far from it!

We appreciate as a couple planning your wedding day can be a bit like a rabbit caught in the headlights, where do we start? Lots to do lots to plan on top of the fact we all lead such busy lives, and in some cases, we don’t have the time to do lots of research and homework on the subject of Wedding DJ’s.

Hence, a quick and easy solution is to go to our favourite social media channel and ask does anybody know a good Wedding DJ? And low and behold they get hundreds of recommendations. And don’t get me wrong we use social media, and I am certainly not against it. However, there are a few ways to safeguard yourself and ensure you get the quality you are looking for when using social media for recommendations.

Talking of quality, it is all relative to your budget, so there is no right or wrong regarding budget as long as you feel you are obtaining good value and a quality service according.

So a few pointers when using social media for recommendations

It’s always interesting when the recommendations come in, are those recommendations from former clients/couples or friends and family of the business owner.
The same scenario when it comes to Facebook reviews are they actually from former customers.

We would also be keen to look at their website to ensure, for example, the equipment booth etc. shown on the Facebook page is the one they own and use. (We have come across other DJs not locally I may add using pics of our booths for advertising their business to potential clients or other DJs using professional bought stock pics of high-quality booth setups, only to find their setup could not be further from the truth )

We would personally be slightly wary if they only had Facebook reviews. More reviews from different platforms the better

Irrespective if its facebook or website page we’d be looking for photo evidence and ideally video to establish if they can actually deliver and great party atmosphere for your wedding party celebration.

Now when doing a website search using, for example, Google, due to time constraints we always feel that those companies at the top of Google are the best, well for those that don’t know there are ways to ensure your business ranks highly on a website search.

Whichever method the business uses it will be a costly method either by paying for Ad words or through time and money through SEO and those who know this field of expertise will testify.

A few pointers on website searches

Not all URLs and business’s which clearly state the word Cornwall in their URL title are not always located Cornwall itself, shock horror they buy these URLs, so it makes you think they are a local business or indeed an agency.

As we have mentioned agencies ermmm, some agencies business model, it’s fair to say a large proption of them are certainly not in based Cornwall. These type of agencies advertise across the whole internet and always will pop up at the top of your searches. As their business model, to take payment and then look for a local DJ to do your wedding on behalf of the agency. Often or not the pics they use of the various DJ Setups are not of those who are being hired in as your Wedding DJ.

Now, of course, it’s is very unlikely you will get to know who has been contracted to play as your wedding dj, so next to no chance of actually meeting them in person before your wedding day.

Now we certainly do not wish to sound snobby, however, its a fact that there are DJs at all different price points and that is fine as the market demands this to fulfil the demands of all customers. It is also true prices are dictated by experience, services offered, and a big one is the quality of their audio and lighting equipment. The local Premium Wedding Djs have all of the above in abundance.

Our own business model is all about aesthetics and complimenting the great occasion and venue so delivering that WOW factor in spades for both you and your guests and leaving a lasting impression. And dare I say in order to achieve we use premium equipment which a lot of DJ’s don’t have such high-quality equipment at their disposal as it’s very expensive and capable for the occasion.

It would be very unprofessional of me to name names. However, we have a local DJ colleague who loves working for agencies as he is a relatively cheap DJ with very average equipment, more suited to a small pub gig.

Certainly not the type I would want front centre of my wedding party dance floor and usually goes out for a low fee and when he receives £150 to do a wedding, and dare I say his equipment reflects that price point.

He loves it as he hasn’t had to meet clients or even correspond with them and can crack on his day time job without a care in the world, knowing he is going out for evening wedding for £150.
Now that would be fine if you had paid £150 or thereabouts to the agency!

Now there is a saying buy cheap buy twice, but on this occasion, you’re not buying/paying cheap. It can be very expensive for companies to stay at the top of Google, so least your money (Payment) is being well spent or is it?

Cheaper Wedding DJs

We often find and our evidence which is from the numerous enquiries we receive asking if we are available for their wedding this coming weekend as our Wedding DJ has let us down.

For those couples who are happy to engage in a conversation, it does seem to be the cheaper Djs who seem to be more unreliable. Yes, we know people can become ill etc, plus other plausible reasons not to attend. (Djs should always have a fallback position, failing to prepare is preparing to fail!)
So there is certainly a trend or pattern emerging.

Their business model seems that they engage in price-cutting tactic’s to secure your booking, only to find at some stage further down the line they except a better-paying event and dare I say they become no longer available.

So all I would say is do your homework! Its such an important day and the last thing you and your guests will remember is the party celebration, so let’s hope its a good one!

DJ Services Cornwall is a Premium Wedding and Mobile DJ service and here are some of the reasons why we stand out in a crowded market. Being an ex-military type, and we love competition!

We have more than one DJ and also part of Cornwalls DJ Association so we can call on other professionals if required.

We have numerous reviews hosted on at least 4 platforms and also highest 5 star ranked DJ in Cornwall all conveniently collated together on our website for ease and convenience.

We have also been awarded bestthreerated Djs within Cornwall for both 2019 & 2020 by threebestrated.com

We offer free party photography and party video, so we have an abundance of evidence of how we look and how we perform.

We also offer the option to meet couples which is one of the aspects to ensure we deliver a personal service, failing that we are always available to discuss any part of your Wedding Party.

We also offer a personalised Mr & Mrs Wedding Gobo

We offer a good selection of bolt-on options from Confetti canons to Selfie Wizard Photobooths

As music is such a subjective subject we invite clients/couples to get involved with the music selection, after all we want all the ingredients for a fantastic party celebration for you and your guests.

And while I am not prepared to tell you how much my equipment osts, just in case my wife is reading this! Needless to say it is premium quality equipment and costs a pretty penny.

So hopefully if you have read this to the end, you will now be better informed to make a sound judgement on selecting your perfect Wedding DJ.