Professional Wedding DJ Rig

We at DJ Services Cornwall take great pride in our equipment and rig appearance, which is something we see as essential to being a true professional wedding DJ.  Perhaps because of our rig (see our pictures below) we seem to appeal more to the wedding market than most other types of events, and dare I say our aim is always to compliment the occasion and the venue.

However, in the past we have been presented with wedding venues that don’t naturally ooze a party atmosphere. Faced with this situation, the creative juices start flowing! We decided on the business name DJ Services Cornwall for the simple fact that we offer a huge amount of flexibility and experience in all types of events, which certainly comes in handy in these sorts of situations. Fortunately, our rig and equipment speaks for itself.

Professional DJs Toys of the Trade

Most true professional DJs take great pride in their set up and for us attention to detail is everything. Those in Cornwall of a similar standard who are also friends and colleagues have mutual respect – something that is not achieved overnight. The investment in time and equipment would make your toes curl, but I, for one, want to stand behind quality reliable equipment.

So in order to achieve our unique look to wow you and your guests, we have the following equipment at our disposal:

Audio rigs (pending the size of the venue)

  • Standard Rig = 2 x RCF Evox J8 (White) Column array speaker system 1400 watts peak which contains 2 x 12-inch subs.
  • Premium Rig = 2 x QSC K10-2 speaker system 8000 watts peak which contain 2 x 18-inch QSC KW 181 subs.
  • Plus additional 2 x QSC K10 speakers


  • Small Back Up Controller Pioneer Wego 4
  • Main Controller Pioneer XDJ RX 2 (containing its own backup system


  • Moving Heads
  • 6 x Chauvet 255 irc in white 60 watts
  • 6 x ADJ Vizi Beam RX Ones 100watts


  • 2 x Martin Wizard Rush (White or Black Covers)

Uplighting (Mood lighting all controlled from the booth)

  • 20 x Par wired up lighters
  • 16 x Wireless Battery operated up lighters in white
  • 5 x ADJ Ultra Bars
  • 2 x ADJ Ultra Violet Bars


  • 2 x 1000 watt RGB Laserworld Lasers
  • 1 x 2000 watt RGB Laserworld Laser


  • Canon 7d Mk2
  • Canon G7 mk2


  • Pioneer Rekordbox for Controllers
  • ADJ Airstream & Avolites Titan One DMX
  • Pangolin Quickshow laser software

DJ Booths

  • Unique VW Booth (White)
  • Screened Booth
  • Equinox DMX Starcloth (White or Black)
  • FX Lab Snow Storm Maxi (Snowmachine 1200watts)
  • 6 x White speaker outside PA System
  • Confetti canons

Keeping our ‘Powder Dry’

As you can appreciate we need sufficient equipment for all occasions and eventualities. Plus it’s mega important to have some kind of back up system in all areas of our production. These are some of the reasons why you standard pub DJ just doesn’t cut the mustard and this is a hefty investment and one of the reasons why we at DJ Services Cornwall are not a £200 Wedding DJ.

We respect each individual has their own priorities and budget requirements but we know there is only ever one chance to make the day a success, which is why we stand apart from the ‘Retro’ DJs commonly advertised that tend to tout their discount services .

Over 12 years of experience including being founder and organiser of The National Watersports Festival (the 2nd largest watersports festival in Europe) plus an extensive military background and exposure to many scenarios and situations has taught me that failure is not an option.

So, successfully delivering parties large and small, from weddings to festivals, we know the need for a good arsenal of quality tools at our disposal. I hope you have enjoyed finding out more about the equipment we use.

What we are not:

What we are:

Photo courtesy of: Macleod Paul Photography